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Hydraulically bound RAYA CASTS

Hydration of high alumina cement after addition of water is the base of setting and hardening in these castables. According to the technical specifications, and not just CaO content, these are categorized as conventional castables and deflocculated castables.
RRC proudly announces that while preserving the optimum porosity required for thermal shock resistance, has reached the highest cold crushing strength and refractoriness under load amongst domestic producers. 

 Conventional Raya CASTS

These castables consist of different refractory aggregates, fine grade filler and high Alumina Cement in a rang which gives a Cao content more than 2.5%.

 Deflocculated RARA CASTS

Besides fine grade filler and high Alumina Cement, binding matrix also contains deflocculating materials that facilitate homogenous dispersion of cement.


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