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Deflocculated (Highly Compact) Castables

These high-tech and delicately formulated castables contains deflocculating agents and ultra fine particles beside high Alumina Cement, which consists the core of binding system. By introducing finely balanced chemical additives into the binding systems, reduction of cement proportion and consequently CaO content is possible. Considering deleterious effect of lime, through generation of low melting fluxes on sensitive characteristics such as bond strength, corrosion and erosion resistance at high application temperatures, superiority of deflocculated to conventional castable in high temperature applications is easily understood.

The relatively low cement content permits a favorable reduction of mixing water, which results in lower porosity.

RAYAN deflocculated castables have been successfully applied in the hardest and most demanding services such as continuous casting tundishes, electrical arch furnace roof, and hearth of walking beam or rotary hearth furnaces.

Deflocculated castables are categorized to the following groups:

Action of admixtures

Medium cement , minimum CaO content is 2.5 %

Low Cement , Contains 1.0% - 2.5% CaO

Ultra low Cement, Contains 0.2% - 1.0% CaO

Non-Cement, Contains less than 0.2% CaO

Self-Flow , Low Cement Castables, flow & degas without vibration.



time scale 




















Long term


Action of retarders

Action of plasticisers

Action of accelerators


Action of reactive fillers