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Raw Materials

1)    Calcium aluminate cements:

RRC uses only US and EU high alumina cements such as CA-grades of Alcoa or Secar grades of Lafarge Aluminates.

2)    Synthetic refractory aggregates:

-         Tabular Alumina mainly from Alcoa brands

-         Reactive Alumina, used in HCC

-         Calcined Alumina

-         Spinel

-         Fused Alumina

-         Sinter Mullite.

-         Babble Alumina

-         etc

3)    Natural Minerals:

-         Bauxite:    RRC imports only unsieved (0-50mm) Rotary kiln calcined Bauxite containing approx. 90% Al2O3 and of a bulk density over 3.25 g/cm3.

-         Fire clay: in order to conserve the quality stability, RRC uses only Rot.kiln. cal. Chamotte produced by Niru Ref.

-         China clay

-         Andalusite

-         Lightweight aggregate such as lightweight chamotte, perlit, expanded clay, vermiculite

4)    Chemical Binders

5)    Chemical additives

6)    Organic Fibers: polypropylene fiber, cellulose and etc

7)    Heat resistant steel

8)    etc


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