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1)    Raw material preparation hall:

a-    Crushing equipments:

-         Four sets of hammer mills

-         Two sets of ball mills

-         Two sets of vibrating sieve

-         More than 30 transfer bunkers


2)    Production hall of unshaped monolithics:

a-    Weighing equipments:

-         Thirteen stationary feeding bunkers of 3 m3

     capacity with controlled rotary valves

-         Moving digital scale of 2000 kg. Capacity

b-    Mixing equipment: 2 sets of Paddle mixer of 2 Mt 

     Capacity with all necessary accessories

c-     Packing equipments: 2 sets of Bag packer

d-    Transposition equipments: 2 sets of roof crane of
50 & 30 KN

3) Casting workshop:

e-     Concrete stand paddle mixers: four sets

f-      Vibrating tables: four sets

g-    Internal vibrators: three sets

h-    Roof crane of 50 KN

i-       Three cars Shuttle tempering furnace of 18 m3 capacity

j-      Electric cap drier of 4m3 capacity


4) Environment preservation: water jet air-dust collecting tower

             5) Loading facilities: three sets of fork-lift trucks

6)    Research and Quality Control laboratory:

     Main equipments are as followings:

a.     5 kg. sensitive digital scale

b.     5 lit. Hobart paddle mixer

c.     Standard moulds for casting/ casting vibrating test pieces

d.     Vibrating tables: two sets

e.     Drying ovens: three sets

f.       Electric kilns from 1200C to 1600C: four sets

g.     Sieve analyzer

h.     40 lit Bear pilot paddle mixers: two sets

i.       Hydraulic compression testing machine of

                              120MT. Compressive strength


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